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SINOCONST actively participated in external legal compliance exchanges
Time:2019-10-12   Browsing number :3893次

Since July 2019, SINOCONST’s Legal Compliance Department has participated in the “B&R Construction and Risk Prevention and Control Forum” of Tsinghua University, BDO “World Bank Review and Cross-border Compliance Investigation Meeting”, and FenXun Partners "Overseas Compliance Risk Management Roundtable Seminar", Cai'an-Tsinghua PPP Center-Tianjin University International Institute of Industrial and Commercial Affairs "Domestic and Overseas Construction Projects and PPP Frontier Legal Issues Seminar" and other external exchange activities; Fang Xianchao, SINOCONST‘s deputy general manager in charge of its legal and compliance activities, participated in SASAC’s 25-day training for senior legal management personnel of central enterprises.

Exchanges with experts from government, consulting firms, research institutions and counterparts has broadened the vision of SINOCONST’s legal and compliannce personel, deepened their understanding of various governtment policies, which will boost SINOCONST’s legal and compliance management. 

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