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SINOCONST’s First Compliance Training for All Employees
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For the purpose of making progress in compliance management and improving all employees’ compliance awareness, SINOCONST held a special training on compliance on April 17, 2019. Zhang Aili, Zhou Jun, deputy general manager, Xu Zhaoxi, chief compliance director, heads of various departments at headquarters, all compliance officers at headquaters, and leaders in charge of compliance work and compliance officers of SINOCONST affiliated entities attended the training.

In his opening speech, SINOCONST’s deputy general manager Zhou Jun emphasized that with the deepening of operating in accordance with law and market priciples, and internationalization in the construction industry, it is an irresistible trend for Chinese enterprises to strengthen their formulation and implementation of compliance rules. Conducting business activities accoring to compliance requirements is an inevitable need in the current engineering market, as well as a powerful guarantee for the long-term development of enterprises and the enhancement of their core competitiveness. It is necessary for all employees to fully recognize the importance of integrity and compliance for the production and operation of enterprises.

SINOCONST invited JunHe LLP to give its employess a one-day training, which focused on World Bank Group Integrity Compliance Guidelines and SINOCONST’s Compliance Manual. Detailed rules was clearly explained. Actual cases related to compliance management was shared. In the last section of the training, SINOCONST employees had in-depth discussions on compliance issues with Junhe lawyers. Trainees from SINOCONST’s affilaited entities also interacted actively throungh video channels.

This training has deepen all employees’ understanding of requirements of World Bank Group Integrity Compliance Guidelines and SINOCONST’s Compliance Manual. New philosophy of compliance management will be applied into daily work, which lays a solid foundation for SINOCONST’s compliance management activities.(Xue Huiying , Legal and Compliance Department)

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