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Compliance Training Held by SINOCONST
Time:2019-05-10   Browsing number :5055次

Compliance Training Held by SINOCONST

With the purpose of continuing to promote the compliance management of the entire group and improve the compliance awareness of the company's senior management, SINOCONST organized a group-wide compliance training in Xi'an on August 10. The leading group and external directors, heads of all departments at the headquarters, chairman, general manager and CPC Secretary of SINOCONST’s affiliated entities, responsible persons of SINOCONST’s holding and trust companies participated in the training. Subsidiary employees attended the training through video channels. Over 400 trainees were present.

SINOCONST invited Kang Yi and Zhou Xianfeng from Junhe LLP to give all employees a special lecture. During the training, the two lawyers analyzed the ZTE incident, the compliance risks of Chinese enterprises contracting overseas infrastructure projects, how should Chinese enterprises estabilsh compliance systems in line with international standards and how to cooperate with the World Bank Group in its compliance investigation and debarrment. They also shared a number of actual cases and engaged in active axchanges with all participants. 

This training shows SINOCONST’s determination and commitment to fully implement the compliance management system, helps strengthen SINOCONST employees’ understanding of rules of international bilateral or multilateral financial institutions, asl well as increases their compliance awareness, which will play an important role in the establishment and implementation of SINOCONST’s Integrity Compliance Program in all aspects.


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