Manufacturing of Heavy-duty Equipment

Located in Linhai Industrial Park, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong, the Zhongshan Heavy Steel Structure Manufacturing Base is able to provide services including steel structure design and engineering, production and manufacturing etc .Occupying a floor area of 420 mu, with a building area of 100,000 sqm and equipped with a multi-functional wharf of 5,000 tons, the Base is capable of manufacturing and assembling 100,000T/D heavy steel structure and 50,000T/D heavy-duty equipment per year and is able to store and transport 50,000T/D steel structure and equipment per year. The Base is adjacent to the west of Zhujiang River port, connected to the east of Zhongshan City, seeing Nansha New District of Guangzhou at North across the water and linked to the deep water channel of Lingdingyang at South, which enables it easily assessed by water and land transportation. 5 international and domestic airports around the Base are within 1.5 Hours’ drive. With its geographic advantage, the Base is serving as the transfer terminal for export operationsof SINOCONST.




Zhongshan Heavy Steel Strucure Manufacturing Base

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